Blueberry Program

18 months-2 & a half years
Age: 18 months-2 & a half years
Days: Monday & Friday
Time: 9:00am-11:00am
Teacher to Student Ratio: 2:10

The Blueberry Program is designed to offer support to parents and caretakers, and social experiences for their young children. Parents and children connect, play, and sing together in our warm group setting with the guidance of the director and two Haytown teachers. Each session includes a parenting topic for discussion, time to share parenting challenges and successes, and an opportunity to ask questions.

The Blueberries daily routine:
☺ Welcome and open play with select classroom materials
☺ Blueberry program is designed to allow families to get to know the school before transitioning to drop-off preschool. For caregivers, this is a comfortable and safe place to carry on discussions with other adults about child development and growth.
☺ Process art project led by Haytown teacher
☺ Snack is served and facilitated by the teachers
☺ Circle Time: songs, stories, musical instruments, and dance
☺ Outdoor playground/indoor gymnasium play
☺ Separation is gentle and guided by the child. There is a flow between the children, teachers and caretakers.

Raspberry Class

Two & a half by September 1st
Age: Two & a half by September 1st
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Time: 9:15am-12:15pm
Optional Lunch: 12:15pm-12:45pm
Teacher to Student Ratio: 3:14

The Raspberries is a gentle introduction to school, in a cozy, dedicated space with loving teachers. Circle time, songs, storytelling, art, snack, and outdoor playground/indoor gymnasium play are all part of a Raspberry’s day.

Learning is experiential and Raspberry teachers create opportunities for curiosity, discovery and free-flowing play. Families may opt for a one, two, or three-day program.

Raspberry class activities include:
☺ Circle Time: songs, story, puppetry
☺ Centers: pretend and dramatic play, building, science, manipulatives
☺ Nutritious snack
☺ 1:1 work with teachers
☺ Activities that foster fine and gross motor skill development
☺ Creative expression like art, music and rhythm
☺ Outdoor playground/indoor gymnasium time

Blackberry Class

Three years old by October 1st
Age: Three years old by October 1st
3 day program: Tuesday-Thursday
4 day program: Monday-Thursday
5 day program: Monday-Friday
Time: 8:45am-11:45pm
Optional Lunch: 11:45pm-12:45pm
Extended Days: 12:45pm-2:30pm
Teacher to Student Ratio: 2:13

The Blackberry curriculum revolves around units of study inspired by the world around our children. Age appropriate academics are introduced through hands-on learning experiences. Our Blackberry program focuses on socialization and learning self-help skills like putting on winter gear, serving snack, and cleanup. Our students are comfortable in a routine that is balanced between free play and teacher-led instruction in the classroom and on the playground. Blackberry students must be toilet independent to attend school.

A Blackberry’s day includes:
☺ Morning Meeting: welcome, songs, calendar review
☺ Centers: pretend, dramatic play, building, manipulatives, reading corner
☺ Music & movement
☺ Nutritious snack
☺ Letter and number study, early literacy, mathematics and STEM
☺ 1:1 and small group work
☺ Art and creative expression
☺ Outdoor playground/indoor gymnasium time

Strawberry Class

Four years old by October 1st
Age: Four years old by October 1st
4 day program: Monday-Thursday
5 day program: Monday-Friday
Time: 9:00am-1:00pm
Extended Days: 1:00pm-2:30pm
Teacher to Student Ratio: 3:21

The educational philosophy of kindergarten has changed; expectations are higher and academic learning is serious. In our Strawberry class, we teach the whole child. Academics come, but want our students to be equipped with social and emotional skills when they head to kindergarten. Over the course of the year letter formation gets finer, but so does the ability to make friendships. The children recognize patterns and also when a classmate is in need of help. Our Strawberries practice counting and also practice patience, self-regulation, and deep breathing to find calm. Independence-building routines are in place and clear communication with teachers and peers is encouraged. Practicing these skills in a safe environment readies our students for a larger, more challenging kindergarten classroom.

In the Strawberry classroom, students learn:
☺ Meditation and yoga
☺ Reading readiness
☺ STEM and experimentation
☺ Handwriting: proper grip and letter formation
☺ Small and large motor skills & play
☺ Mathematics
☺ Art, music, rhythm
☺ Sign Language and Spanish vocabulary
☺ Community service and leadership skills

Extended Days

Blackberry & Strawberry students
Age: Blackberry & Strawberry students
Days/Times: Offered Monday-Thursday until 2:30pm
Teacher to Student Ratio: 3:15

“The wider the range of possibilities we offer children the more intense will be their motivations and richer their experiences.” – Loris Malaguzzi

Our Extended Day program is intended to reinforce and enhance classroom learnings, help families who require child-care, fulfill children who are ready for more school, and acclimate our Strawberries for a Kindergarten schedule. Classes are offered daily, and teachers introduce a unit of study that aligns with a larger theme.

Extended Days offerings inlcude cooking, hip hop, mixed media art, and theater.

The Rise & Shine Gang

Blackberry & Strawberry students
8 am drop off
Families in the Blackberry and Strawberry classes may opt for an 8:00am drop off. Children will participate in fun learning activities with a teacher before joining their classroom friends. Children may be enrolled monthly or ‘as needed’ for families who might occasionally need an earlier arrival time.