Why Haytown?

Here is Where You Meet “Your People”!

When you choose Haytown, you’re not just choosing a school—you’re gaining a community. At our school, the friends you make become your family.  We believe that small acts make a big difference. Sometimes these things just make your day a little easier or better, but often they trickle down, making a more substantial impact.  Small talk with teachers or sticking around on the playground after school with other parents turns into having a team who celebrates your child’s achievements along with you, or an extra set of hands when you’re managing the kids alone, and so much more.

Education That Extends Beyond Our Children

At Haytown, our approach to modern education does not come at the cost of a personal, friendly experience. At Haytown, we take a comprehensive approach to children’s learning through family education. As unique as each of our children and experiences are, none of us are parenting in a silo. We all share challenges and can learn from one another. The Haytown Speaker Series is designed to provide parents with monthly educational seminars that focus on hot topics in parenting, and our Parents Night Out events offer frequent opportunities to share, connect, learn, and relax.

A Traditional Preschool for Modern Times

Finally, we believe in total transparency. You can depend on a clear and constant stream of communications from the school staff, not only in person but through the Haytown App. With this tool, everything you need to know is at your fingertips. It keeps you connected to the Director, teachers and other families, gives you a snapshot of your child’s day, and allows you to stay on top of school events.

you’re not just choosing a school — you’re gaining a community

Family Story 1

When we were visiting and researching Nursery schools in the area Haytown received impeccable references from both current and past families. We repeatedly heard how Haytown did a great job balancing academics with all other aspects of learning in a loving, nurturing, and positive environment. Our decision was easy!

We chose to send our children to Haytown because we knew that in addition to getting a great early educational foundation our family would build long lasting friendships with other families in our community.

Through a weekly newsletter, the staff at Haytown provides updates on the happenings in the classroom, the lesson plans for the upcoming week, at home developmental activity suggestions and upcoming event information. This makes it very easy to have an informed conversation with your children about their day at school.

Parents at Haytown are not only engaged in their children’s learning and development but are committed to the success of the school as a whole through participation in the Board and in such events as Speaker Series, Enrichment, Summer Camp, social events, and parents nights out.

Haytown truly encompasses an environment focused on the development of the whole child. In addition to focusing on academics, Haytown cultivates children’s social, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. Children love learning at Haytown with enthusiasm that is contagious!

Haytown’s holistic approach to development doesn’t stop with the children! Understanding that it does “take a village” to raise a child, the school provides many thought leadership and supportive programs for parents. Through seminars, in class activities, school and social events Haytown helps parents make informed and educated decisions in parenting.


We chose Haytown as a result of the wonderful feedback and praise from other residents and teachers in town.  We were fairly new to Tewksbury and sending our first child to pre-school and the resounding message we heard was “you can always tell a child who attended Haytown.”  That really stuck with us as a unique and powerful testament to the wonderful job the Haytown staff does and the education and preparation for the future they provide to children.

A parent always wants to feel their children are secure and cared for no matter where they are.  Parents will feel 100% confident that their children are nurtured, secure and loved at Haytown.  The staff does an excellent job in the learning and academics and all of my children were more than well prepared for elementary school and beyond.  But the nurturing and loving environment at Haytown also ensured they developed in a confident and socially conscious community.  The Haytown staff to this day will always be remembered as some of the warmest, most caring people in our lives.

An extended family!  We spent 10 years at Haytown with our 5 children and it became an extension of our home in some ways.  I know I can always reach out to any of the people from Haytown if I ever needed anything and they would be there.  They care very deeply about their students and families and it goes beyond the years you spend in the classroom.

Family Story 2

Family Story 3

Two years ago my family and I decided to move to beautiful Tewksbury, NJ for reasons probably similar to most.  We wanted our family to grow roots in a small town where neighbors still waved and you were welcomed with a pie and a smile.  We wanted to raise our children away from the hustle and bustle and provide them with the best childhood possible that only simple “country” towns could provide.

With our decision to move, came apprehension from our two young boys.  Both had made friends in their prior schools and were nervous making the move.  In particular for my youngest, age 3 ½ at the time. We knew we needed to find a special place – one with a nurturing environment where emotional and social skills blend equally with a proper education.  He was a typical toddler – curious, funny, menacing, witty, kind but very shy.  Upon visiting Haytown, we knew we found our special place.  The staff greeted us with hugs that afternoon and haven’t stopped two years later.

Haytown was exactly what we had envisioned and the move was made so much easier thanks to the wonderful staff and community of caring families.  The school’s curriculum is rooted in fundamentals that ensure children grow to be confident, compassionate, empathetic, intelligent individuals.  The nurturing environment supports all types of learning and have equipped our son to enter Kindergarten confidently and excited for his next chapter.

It was truly a blessing that we found Haytown and the wonderful families that make Haytown so special and unique.  We are forever grateful and know that our son is fortunate to have had this unique experience.